Wicklow Heart Defence

A project to promote the benefits of Martial Arts in helping to develop good cardiac health and to reduce the risk of coronary heart disease -click in the general public and the martial arts community  through education of members of the public and the Martial Arts community.

Martial Arts is normally associated with good health. As a community we promote this as a great benefit of our programs. However many martial artists although well intended often have very little or indeed archaic knowledge of proper practise and really good information regarding health issues. One has only to think of the bad practises that were/are still taught in the area of stretching for example.

While as teachers we promote the virtues of good health and good health practices,often we lack the knowledge required to impart relevant and life changing/life saving information to our students.

One would not dream of teaching a below par self defence course or a second rate kickboxing course. When training a competitor for a tournament we (teachers) plan a program which will allow our student to compete at their highest capacity.

Of course this training ( in whatever discipline we teach) normally has some element of cardio work,that is, aerobic based exercise which strengthens the heart and allows the heart to operate far more efficiently

While this is commendable, my experience in the martial community has lead me to realise that in general ,we lack a structured approach to the issue of  cardiac care(follow link here)

As conscientious teachers we strive to deliver excellence in our tuition. That philosophy should be, I believe, developed into a holistic approach to teaching. Many of us do advocate proper diet, good ethical lifestyles etc. The motivation here is to raise awareness of the prevalence of Coronary Heart Disease and how as educators in our community we can cause massive change and success in the fight against this silent killer.

This project will be ongoing.My mission is to encourage implementation of specific heart healthy exercises and educational modules in our curriculum and to educate students as to preventive measures and also how to manage their CHD.

Oh, and as a salutary warning, this (click here) is what we need to educate against.It's a situation taken to extreme, granted, however many in our communities are afflicted by this mentality.

What is Coronary Heart Disease ?

Follow this link to find an excellent article on CHD.

Prevention is of course the best medicine!
For detailed information on steps to prevent CHD please click here.

Don't die of embarrassment!

Here is an amusing but informative cartoon from the Irish Heart Foundation

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